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Ytel API is a RESTful API for adding SMS and voice communications into your application. It consists several unique endpoints. Some used for communication purposes and others for account maintenance and management. Below are the current endpoints and a brief description of each.


Access to the Full API Requires a verified and funded account.

If you are not already registered for a Ytel API account, sign up here.


The Account endpoint allows you to retrieve information regarding your Ytel account by a specific date. The response object will contain data such as account status, balance, and account usage totals.


The Usage endpoint allows you to retrieve usage metrics regarding your Ytel account. Results include inbound/outbound voice calls and inbound/outbound SMS messages and carrier lookup requests.


The Carrier endpoint allows you to retrieve information about a specific phone number. Determine if the number is a mobile number and which carrier the number is registered with.


The SMS endpoint allows you to send an SMS from a Ytel number to a mobile device and view previous inbound and outbound SMS history.


The Voiceendpoints are used for making calls from a Ytel number or one of your verified phone numbers to an external phone number. Retrieve and view previous inbound and outbound calls.

Shared Short Code

The SharedShortCodeendpoint provides the opportunity to use a short code in a controlled environment. A message is created, verified and converted to a template for your use. Variables can be passed to the template and populated in approved areas of the message.


The Conference endpoint allows you to create a conference for up to 20 participants. Participants can be muted, removed or have listen functionality turned off if needed.

Phone Number

The Phone Number endpoint is where numbers can be purchased and modified for use in the call and SMS endpoints.


The Recording endpoint allows you to view and delete past recordings.


The [Email](( endpoint allows you to send out HTML or text emails and manage spam, block, unsubscribe and bounced email lists.

Sub Account

the Sub Account endpoint allows for the creation of sub-accounts under a main parent account. It allows for this creation process to be done outside of the portal.

Short Code

The ShortCode endpoint is very similar to the SharedShortCode endpoint. This endpoint however is not shared and does not require a template. It acts and is utilized in the same way a regular long code DID is used.

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