The billing setting encapsulates all aspects of how much is spent and how you manage your funding methods.


Auto Recharge Settings

Auto recharge settings are extremely important for keeping your account on and running. We recommend setting your threshold amount to what you would typically spend in 2-3 days and your top off amount large enough to cover 2 days worth of charges.

If a card fails more than a few times we will cease attempts and you will need to make a manual payment. This runs the risk of your account being disabled if it dips below $0.00 until payment is made.


Billing (Click to enlarge)

  1. Payment history will give you a breakdown of all the payments that have been made.
  2. Pricing will give you a breakdown of your current pricing plan.
  3. Add fund is depicted in the screenshot above and allows you to set-up your auto recharge, or make a manual payment.
  4. Payment Methods is a setting that allows you to add multiple credit card funding methods to keep your account topped off.
  5. Notifications is where you can set up funding event and low balance notifications.

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