Number Sets

A Number Set is a way of organizing Ytel phone numbers that serve the same purpose.

  1. Purchase numbers to add to a number set.
  2. Sort and Edit number sets by click on the number set name.

Number Set Configuration

Number set configuration is very similar to a regular number configuration.

  1. Number Name: This is the human-readable name of the number and how you would see it across the Ytel platform.
  2. Voice Request URL: When a call comes in we request a URL that contains Voice InboundXML . The URL placed here is the URL that should contain this XML so we understand how you want the call processed. For SMS messages we will post the SMS information to the URL you specify.
  3. Voice Fallback URL: This is a failover version of the previous URL in case the first one fails.
  4. Hangup Callback URL: When an inbound call hangs up, we will post over relevant call information to that URL.
  5. Heartbeat URL: We will post to this URL every 60 seconds to let you know the status of the call.


Inbound Keywords

One addition to number sets that regular numbers do not have is the ability to fire off a workflow when an inbound SMS comes in with a specific keyword in it.

Number Set FAQ

When should I put my Ytel phone numbers into a Number Set?
It’s a good idea to put your Ytel phone numbers into a number set whenever you need to send a text message to a large number of recipients. You’ll also want to use number sets when you have multiple phone numbers that share the same configuration settings.

For example, say you need to send out appointment reminder text messages to 250-500 recipients per day. We strongly recommend that you avoid using just one local phone number to send these messages because sending text messages to over 200 recipients in one day could cause carriers to become suspicious and block your messages. To help prevent that, we recommend you use at least 3 different local phone numbers (500 max potential recipients per day divided by 200 contact per day = 2.5 minimum phone numbers) so your phone numbers will stay under the 200 recipients per day per phone number recommendation. But how do you go about determining which Ytel phone number to use for each message? You don’t want to be manually assigning them. Asking your developers to write code to handle this logic makes sense but will delay your go live date. That’s where putting your phone numbers into a number set is helpful. When you send a Campaign using a number set, Ytel handles the distribution of messages across multiple Ytel phone numbers for you.

Also, you can configure and manage callback urls across multiple phone numbers using number sets. So say you have 50 phone numbers that need to hit the same callback url whenever you receive an inbound text or call. You could click each phone number, add the callback url(s), click save, and then move to the next phone number. But this is an extremely laborious process and is susceptible to mistakes. Instead, we recommend that you go to “Manage numbers”, select all the phone numbers that share callback urls, click the “Assign to number set” button, and then add the callback urls the number set. Doing so will automatically apply the callbacks urls to each phone number in the set.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Can a phone number be in more than one number set?
A - You can only add a number to one number set

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