Contacts are where you store the information for people you communicate with. There are a few fields that are default contact fields. The rest can be added as metadata attributes.


Contacts (Click to enlarge)

  1. Filtering: Filtering capabilities allow the segmentation of your contacts based on specific query parameters. Choose a field, select a match type, and then type in the data you would like to match on.
  2. New Contacts: You have the option to import contacts or create one manually.
  3. Columns: Ability to sort your displayed columns and select records to enroll in a workflow or archive. Clicking the phone number will allow you to manually edit the contact information.
  4. Actions: Perform actions on the contact. Gives you the capability to send an SMS, make a WebRTC call, copy the contact ID for API usage, or view the contact's workflow logs.
  5. Data Views: customize the columns displayed or export your data.
  6. Paging: Select how many records you want to display at one time. Ideal for large data manipulation inside the UI. For larger manipulation, the API is recommended.

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