Real-time communications stream

The Ytel Inbox is a real-time communications stream of conversations. Currently, we support SMS communications in a chat-style interface.


Ytel Inbox (Click to enlarge)

  1. Start a Conversation: Create a new conversation with one of your stored contacts. You will be prompted to select a contact and give the option to send an SMS from a single number or a number set.
  2. Conversation list: View your list of open conversations and select a conversation to view and respond to.
  3. Contact Details: Your contact's phone number, name, and Contact ID.
  4. Contact Attributes: Attributed contain a list of all your custom metadata (variable) fields attached to the contact record.
  5. Conversation: This is a readout of the currently selected conversation from the conversation list.
  6. Message Response: You have the capability to respond to an inbound message. You may include text, emojis, or a combination of both. A single message can consist of no more than 160 characters. If an emoji is introduced, this limit is reduced to 70 characters.

What’s Next