Ytel Product Updates

  • Workflow Webhook Notes - On hover you can see the name of the webhook

Ytel Product Updates

  • Updated Call Logs to allow the additional search parameters for to and from number
  • Added validation on the number of days that can be added for a long-lived token
  • Workflow reporting now allows you to select the "next day" when the UTC date flips over.

YCC Product Updates

  • DNC Loader - Fix added for campaign-specific uploads
  • Reporting Jobs "Export call Report" - Fixed missing fields for the extended report when setting a custom order by
  • Mobile View - Fixed as an issue with the Data Search Lead ID hyperlink not working.
  • Fixed the team Performance Details Report - No longer showing the "Oops, Page Vanished Error Message"
  • Fixed number syncing which was limited to 5000 numbers
  • Squashed other minor bugs and added in some performance enhancements
  • Data List - Added a Reset Times Description

Ytel Product Updates

  • Pagination - The Manage number section processes numbers for the UI in batches when a customer has over 300 numbers. You are now able to search on filters based on the page you are currently on. We are working to change this to apply filters to your entire set of owned numbers and not just a single page.
  • Workflow reporting - In addition to a number of call stats added in the past weeks, this release includes voicemail successful and voicemail failure stats for the report.
  • Call & SMS Log - Customers can now apply a filter for a specific Workflow campaign ID and it will include only the specified Campaign.

YCC Product Updates

  • Reports - We moved the Call URL Logs and List Conversion Report to the "Calls" section and the "Other" column.
  • Report generation - Modified the engine that builds the export calls report.
  • Dashboard - Settings now save when you navigate away and then return to the dashboard.
  • Admin - Dashes are no longer allowed when creating an Agent ID.
  • Fixed - Headers now sort the columns when clicked for ACCID.
  • Fixed - Agents Groups - We now display the correct setting descriptors.
  • Fixed - Corrected the description for manual dial override

Ytel Product Updates & Fixes💙

  • YCC Updates

  • FIXED: Campaign - Adjusted misconfigured statuses when creating a new campaign.

  • FIXED: List Mix - Added a missing dash when adding individual statuses from scratch.

  • FIXED: List Mix - Removed double space when applying to ALL Dialabale Statuses.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced the delay when changing the rank of an Agent for inbound queues.

  • ADDED: The ability to pull a suppression list by campaign.

  • FIXED: Dashboard pause codes - Fixed an issue where the new UI Pause codes were no longer displaying the dashboard.

  • FIXED: List Mix - Allowed the capability to select a list.

  • IMPROVEMENT: List Mix - Removed the hover text for Dial Statuses and List.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Export Leads API - Added --ALL-- to the campaign parameter.

  • ADDED: list_info API - Added the ability to get summary information about a list.

  • IMPROVEMENT: On the API seat management, the names of the seats need were changed to Outbound -> Blended. Closer --> Inbound.

  • Other minor bug fixes we ran across

  • Leadbeam Updates

  • FIXED: Buyer Meta tags were not being assigned to a lead.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved the decision scheme for Weighted Random.

  • FIXED: Calls Per Hour rule was fixed.

  • ADDED: The ability to post out the "reason" when a sold call is toggled to refunded or rejected.

  • MODIFIED: Removed the report email delivery option from the UI temporarily to refactor.

  • MODIFIED: Removed the account log tab in logs.


YCC Product Updates

  • Dashboard is now compatible in mobile view
  • Added the ability to filter logs based on data in the Ytel API and seat management
  • Added the lead count and custom fields check preview prior to downloading lists
  • Added the ability to select a new custom audio file on inbound notifications
  • Added an export option for the visualized report charts in pdf/jpeg/png

Ytel Product Updates

  • A new dashboard has been added to the main page. This dashboard will break down your billing by date and SKU.
  • A new report called workflow paths has been added and will give you q visual representation of the flow each user took to reach your set goal.

YCC Product Updates

  • Updates to the Outbound Caller ID Log
  • Redesigned the data search page
  • Ability to filter based on phone's full name on call monitor
  • Scrubbed list improvements
  • Added the ability to toggle sidebar on different screens
  • Added the ability to trim the numbers in the export call report
  • Added the ability to update remote agent status
  • Here is a unicorn 🦄

YCC Product Updates

  • Upgraded Answer Machine Detection - AMD Version 2
  • Updated the process of how the Suppression list download
  • Added pop-up notifications to let customers know about updates to the Ytel changelog
  • Improved search filtering list
  • The Agent Time Detail Report now shows parks and holds data
  • Patched a bug with the Export Call Report "Status" Drop-down with duplicate lists
  • Made improvements to the non-agent API
    • Added additional graphical views to the following reports:
    • Agent Time Detail
    • Agent Status Detail
    • Agent Performance Detail
    • Team Performance Detail
    • Performance Comparison Report
    • Single Agent Daily
    • Inbound Report By Group
    • Outbound calling report