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Ytel Product Updates

Posted by Matt Grofsky 4 days ago
  • The ability to see the font name style of your font and the ability to change your font color when placing text over your favorite image.

Updated Contact Importing

Posted by Matt Grofsky 4 days ago

On Importing Contacts you can select your Attribute resolution mode.


YCC Improvements & Additions

Posted by Matt Grofsky 18 days ago
  • List conversion report and outbound dialing report showing different numbers for sales
  • API Management cleanup when missing api credentials.
  • Ability to lower the interval time on advanced list rules.
  • Agent Group - Add additional settings
  • Statuses (Systemwide statuses) - remove Category column
  • Statuses (Campaign statuses) - remove Category column
  • Statutuses - Add New System Status - remove Category Option
  • Statutuses - Add New Custom Campaign Status - remove Category Option
  • Advanced list rule statuses are duplicated in the drop down
  • Team Performance Detail report Team ID
  • New side UI Navigation

YCC Improvements & Additions

Posted by Matt Grofsky about a month ago
  • Export Calls Report - Custom Fields “Headers”
  • When a Admin in an Admin group is only allowed viewing for a single campaign and user group. I can run a Export Call report and ALL lists are listed. Ideally only the lists associated with my allowed campaign should show up
  • Dashboard - add option to display name of campaign
  • Agent Performance Detail Report. The Pause Code Breakdown is totaling over 24 hours in one day. Example: Agent 1006 shows 26 hours on their total pause time.
  • Pulling Scrubbed list file from data loader
  • File name having conman in it having issue fixed qa
  • AGENT Stats REPORT TIME Duration
  • List Conversion Report is exceeding the range date selected. They will select one day in the past and it will report from the date selected to the current date.
  • Campaign - Lead Filter should not allow “All Groups” selection

Ytel Product Additions & Fixes

Posted by Matt Grofsky about a month ago

Squashed some misc. bugs and streamlined some UI elements. Below are some of the major additions, improvements, and fixes.


YCC Bug Fixes & Updates

Posted by Matt Grofsky about a month ago
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete leads in advanced lead management in new UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the CSV file uploader was giving an incorrect message stating the file was bad.

  • Fixed and issue where campaign list mix percentage changes weren't saving in the new UI.

  • DNC file uploader was fixed to support various newline formats from different operating systems.

  • Users can now modify an existing user's inbound queue "Ranks" via API.


API Reference Docs moved to Postman

Posted by Matt Grofsky about a month ago

In order to provide a better API experience, we have decided to move pointers for our API reference library to Postman at


Ytel Product Additions/Improvements/Fixes

Posted by Matt Grofsky about a month ago
  • Modifying the user experience for editing a contact to display a message to assist customers on what to do.
  • Removed the truncation in the Phone Number field for managing numbers
  • Added Additional Variables for the Carrier Lookup Node in workflow
  • Cleaned up the drop downs on the purchase numbers, usage, manage numbers, sms log pages.
  • Made some changes to enhance the asset picker in Workflow.
  • Fixed Inbox to allow for a better mobile experience.
  • Added a Simplified Call Node in Workflow.

Verified SMS in Production

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago

Verified SMS is now in production.


Carrier Lookup API

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago

Carrier Lookup was modified to include Network and Company.