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Ytel Product Updates

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago

Added the ability to add begins with logic key-phrases in addition to keywords on Number Sets


MORE! YCC Improvements & Additions

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago
  • Agent - Added two new columns, callerid and type, to the Outbound log.
  • Agent - Fixed a bug where the agent password was not saving in the new User interface.
  • Agents - Added a "View More" option to display additional fields including email and voicemail
  • API Numbers - Added a field in the Ytel API Numbers for Outbound CallerID usage for the past 30 days
  • Custom Fields - Ytel CUSTOM: Hide the "Cost" column on lists
  • Dashboard - Added the ability to force agents into queues through the admin dashboard
  • Dashboard - Choose report display options for YCC does not include inbound only from the filter selection
  • Default Preview Dial- on New UI when enable it will still show disable
  • Inbound notifications - The inbound notification can now be set to a custom audio file and can be set to be continuous or repeated ring.
  • Lead - Added help text associated with lead logs.
  • Lead - Added one new column, called number, to the Inbound Log.
  • Non Agent API - Added a DNC flag check to the update_lead API when you pass in dnc_check=Y
  • Numbers - Fixed a bug with the in group numbers section where clicking on edit number was erring
  • Reordered the Ytel API Numbers to move “Route” column in front of “Destination”
  • Reports - Added the ability to truncated Lead phone numbers in Export Calls Report
  • Reports - Fixed a bug on the team performance detail report where agent data was displaying in multiple teams.
  • Switched the hot keys: CTRL Enter will return to the next line and ENTER will send your chat message. We added auto-scroll on a new message, Super Admins permissions were updated. You can now resize the chat window.
  • Updated Campaign Caller ID to show regardless of what interface it is saved in.

Ytel Product Updates

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago
  • The ability to see the font name style of your font and the ability to change your font color when placing text over your favorite image.
  • -- The ability to schedule out recurring schedules - up to three months in advance
    This is good for
  • Religious organization reminders and outreaches
  • Non-profit Outreach monthly reminders
  • Telehealth reminders
  • Auto reminders
  • Anything else you need a reminder on or have a recurring schedule for sending on
    -- Additional Updates
  • Re-introduction of the WebRTC phone
  • Wait Unit - On the Event Node - This allows you to wait till another future timezone to take action
  • More search options in Contact - contains, equals, exists, begins with, less than, greater than.
    -- YCC Updates
  • Chat released into production
  • Number nuisance scoring

Updated Contact Importing

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago
  • On Importing Contacts you can select your Attribute resolution mode.
  • Assume the data type - Where our system will look at the data values and attempt to match them to a type
  • Return failures - Show you in the UI which fields were not mapped to an existing attribute
  • Ignore fields - Ignore data on your CVS that doesn't map to an existing attribute.

YCC Improvements & Additions

Posted by Matt Grofsky 2 months ago
  • List conversion report and outbound dialing report showing different numbers for sales
  • API Management cleanup when missing api credentials.
  • Ability to lower the interval time on advanced list rules.
  • Agent Group - Add additional settings
  • Statuses (Systemwide statuses) - remove Category column
  • Statuses (Campaign statuses) - remove Category column
  • Statutuses - Add New System Status - remove Category Option
  • Statutuses - Add New Custom Campaign Status - remove Category Option
  • Advanced list rule statuses are duplicated in the drop down
  • Team Performance Detail report Team ID
  • New side UI Navigation

YCC Improvements & Additions

Posted by Matt Grofsky 3 months ago
  • Export Calls Report - Custom Fields “Headers”
  • When a Admin in an Admin group is only allowed viewing for a single campaign and user group. I can run a Export Call report and ALL lists are listed. Ideally only the lists associated with my allowed campaign should show up
  • Dashboard - add option to display name of campaign
  • Agent Performance Detail Report. The Pause Code Breakdown is totaling over 24 hours in one day. Example: Agent 1006 shows 26 hours on their total pause time.
  • Pulling Scrubbed list file from data loader
  • File name having conman in it having issue fixed qa
  • AGENT Stats REPORT TIME Duration
  • List Conversion Report is exceeding the range date selected. They will select one day in the past and it will report from the date selected to the current date.
  • Campaign - Lead Filter should not allow “All Groups” selection

Ytel Product Additions & Fixes

Posted by Matt Grofsky 3 months ago

Squashed some misc. bugs and streamlined some UI elements. Below are some of the major additions, improvements, and fixes.


YCC Bug Fixes & Updates

Posted by Matt Grofsky 3 months ago
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete leads in advanced lead management in new UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the CSV file uploader was giving an incorrect message stating the file was bad.

  • Fixed and issue where campaign list mix percentage changes weren't saving in the new UI.

  • DNC file uploader was fixed to support various newline formats from different operating systems.

  • Users can now modify an existing user's inbound queue "Ranks" via API.


API Reference Docs moved to Postman

Posted by Matt Grofsky 4 months ago

In order to provide a better API experience, we have decided to move pointers for our API reference library to Postman at


Ytel Product Additions/Improvements/Fixes

Posted by Matt Grofsky 4 months ago
  • Modifying the user experience for editing a contact to display a message to assist customers on what to do.
  • Removed the truncation in the Phone Number field for managing numbers
  • Added Additional Variables for the Carrier Lookup Node in workflow
  • Cleaned up the drop downs on the purchase numbers, usage, manage numbers, sms log pages.
  • Made some changes to enhance the asset picker in Workflow.
  • Fixed Inbox to allow for a better mobile experience.
  • Added a Simplified Call Node in Workflow.