Ytel Product Updates & FixesπŸ’™

  • YCC Updates

  • FIXED: Campaign - Adjusted misconfigured statuses when creating a new campaign.

  • FIXED: List Mix - Added a missing dash when adding individual statuses from scratch.

  • FIXED: List Mix - Removed double space when applying to ALL Dialabale Statuses.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced the delay when changing the rank of an Agent for inbound queues.

  • ADDED: The ability to pull a suppression list by campaign.

  • FIXED: Dashboard pause codes - Fixed an issue where the new UI Pause codes were no longer displaying the dashboard.

  • FIXED: List Mix - Allowed the capability to select a list.

  • IMPROVEMENT: List Mix - Removed the hover text for Dial Statuses and List.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Export Leads API - Added --ALL-- to the campaign parameter.

  • ADDED: list_info API - Added the ability to get summary information about a list.

  • IMPROVEMENT: On the API seat management, the names of the seats need were changed to Outbound -> Blended. Closer --> Inbound.

  • Other minor bug fixes we ran across

  • Leadbeam Updates

  • FIXED: Buyer Meta tags were not being assigned to a lead.

  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved the decision scheme for Weighted Random.

  • FIXED: Calls Per Hour rule was fixed.

  • ADDED: The ability to post out the "reason" when a sold call is toggled to refunded or rejected.

  • MODIFIED: Removed the report email delivery option from the UI temporarily to refactor.

  • MODIFIED: Removed the account log tab in logs.


YCC Product Updates

  • Dashboard is now compatible in mobile view
  • Added the ability to filter logs based on data in the Ytel API and seat management
  • Added the lead count and custom fields check preview prior to downloading lists
  • Added the ability to select a new custom audio file on inbound notifications
  • Added an export option for the visualized report charts in pdf/jpeg/png

Ytel Product Updates

  • A new dashboard has been added to the main page. This dashboard will break down your billing by date and SKU.
  • A new report called workflow paths has been added and will give you q visual representation of the flow each user took to reach your set goal.

YCC Product Updates

  • Updates to the Outbound Caller ID Log
  • Redesigned the data search page
  • Ability to filter based on phone's full name on call monitor
  • Scrubbed list improvements
  • Added the ability to toggle sidebar on different screens
  • Added the ability to trim the numbers in the export call report
  • Added the ability to update remote agent status
  • Here is a unicorn πŸ¦„

YCC Product Updates

  • Upgraded Answer Machine Detection - AMD Version 2
  • Updated the process of how the Suppression list download
  • Added pop-up notifications to let customers know about updates to the Ytel changelog
  • Improved search filtering list
  • The Agent Time Detail Report now shows parks and holds data
  • Patched a bug with the Export Call Report "Status" Drop-down with duplicate lists
  • Made improvements to the non-agent API
    • Added additional graphical views to the following reports:
    • Agent Time Detail
    • Agent Status Detail
    • Agent Performance Detail
    • Team Performance Detail
    • Performance Comparison Report
    • Single Agent Daily
    • Inbound Report By Group
    • Outbound calling report

Ytel Product Updates

The below features have been added or improved in the Ytel Product Platform:

YCC Product Updates

  • Updated the Outbound Summary report to display a graph representation of data as well as the log file.
  • Smoothed the ability to search for a new lead after previously searching for a lead.
  • Updated the headers on the Agent Performance report.
  • Updated Advanced List Roles when filtering and looking for statuses.
  • Updated column alignment on the Agent Time Details report.

YCC Product Updates

We have updated the following reports with a visual graph report in addition to the text-only data reports.


Ytel Product Updates

  • πŸ”€ We now have the ability to collect the DTMF digits off of a phase call and utilize those digits. You can also detect the completed call status to be used for the next action.
  • node#.callstatus is the variable for collecting/using the call status
  • node#.DTMF is the variable for collecting/using the call status.

New Workflow Node Added

Workflow Node: Starts a new workflow. This will carry forward any variables used by this campaign.