May Change Log

May 2, 2023


April Change Log

April 5th:

March Change Log: Web phone and Billing

We released a change to web phone to add the ability to forward a web phone to a SIP extension. This was something we had in Inbound Routing, but did not expose in the web phone.

Web Phone Feature Update

  • On version 3.5 or sub version 3.5.30, web phone users now have the following:
    • Update to Live Lists to see a drop-down of available live lists for the logged-in web phone user.
    • Ability to see inbound and outbound calls in the recent communication section.
    • The ability to mute different call legs (conference participants).
    • The ability to see and hang up on different call legs (conference participants).
    • Update to the call routing path to process a full hang as requested on a call leg (conference participant).

Ytel Product Update: Mid-February 2023

  • Webphone Version 3.5.17
    • We released and update the webphone to include a parameter in the settings tab for timeout control on transferring to a voicemail or an outbound number.
  • Contact Center (YCC)
    • We have applied our latest patches to the Contact Center platform. This will improve performance and increase security.
  • Verified Calls/SMS
    • Google Verified SMS and Calls has been discontinued. If you are interested in RCS, please reach out to us at [email protected]
  • Phone Number Management
    • If you release a number by mistake, you can use the purchase specific phone number API to recover that phone number and bring it back into your account.
  • Inbox
    • We retooled the ability to create multiple inboxes. You can easily inbound route your inbound sms conversations to different inboxes to field questions from customers to their specific contact.
  • Campaign Registry
    • Removed the vetting class requirement from the Campaign Registry form and will pass standard vetting class on all brands. If you are doing a Political Campaign our team will work with you on the additional vetting requirements.
  • :link: - View Screenshots

Ytel Product Updates: Mid-December 2022

Ytel Product Updates

  • Workflow Webhook Notes - On hover you can see the name of the webhook

Ytel Product Updates

  • Updated Call Logs to allow the additional search parameters for to and from number
  • Added validation on the number of days that can be added for a long-lived token
  • Workflow reporting now allows you to select the "next day" when the UTC date flips over.

YCC Product Updates

  • DNC Loader - Fix added for campaign-specific uploads
  • Reporting Jobs "Export call Report" - Fixed missing fields for the extended report when setting a custom order by
  • Mobile View - Fixed as an issue with the Data Search Lead ID hyperlink not working.
  • Fixed the team Performance Details Report - No longer showing the "Oops, Page Vanished Error Message"
  • Fixed number syncing which was limited to 5000 numbers
  • Squashed other minor bugs and added in some performance enhancements
  • Data List - Added a Reset Times Description