Ytel Product Update: January 2023

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Phone Numbers

When an account has been enabled to purchase phone number in Puerto Rico it can now utilize the Ytel applications or available numbers, purchase number and purchase specific phone number APIs. Prior to this release phone numbers needed to be manually provisioned to a customers account. Puerto Rico Area codes include 939 and 787.


Number Remediation Program

  • Maximize contact rates by removing and cleaning the “spam likely” on your outbound numbers
  • Reduce costs by buying fewer DIDs
  • Increase your ROI by reaching more buyers
  • Understand and streamline a process for achieving A level STIR/SHAKEN attestation certificates
  • Have your numbers registered across all major carriers
  • Achieve A level Attestation
  • Include a caller name on your outbound numbers
  • Remove SPAM likely status from the application companies' databases.

Reach out to our support team with questions on how to enroll into this program.

Branded Caller ID
Branded Caller ID Phone Numbers are not designated on the number in the manage number section

Federal DNC Feature

Feature flag enablement for using the Federal DNC List in the Ytel product

In workflow there is a now a node option called DNC Node. This node allows you to Trigger a Do Not Call (DNC) Check event. Ytel allows you to select from your Ytel DNC list or the Federal Do Not Call Registry. You must have an Ytel DNC feature turned and register your Subscription Account Number (SANS) Number to use the Federal DNC.


When you have the Federal DNC feature turned on for your account, you can utilize the DNC parameter on the make call api.

Postman Documentation

This endpoint supports multiple different ways to start a call with many fields that are mutually exclusive.


The checkFederalDnc parameter specifies whether the Federal DNC should be checked. Default false. This will result in an error if the account does not have access to the Federal DNC.

We recommend using number sets and contacts since these will result in fewer changes over time.

Make Call


Bearer Token
This request is using Bearer Token from folderCPaaS API
Accept application/json
Content-Type application/json
Authorization Bearer {Your Authentication Token}

BODY raw
    "from": "+15554081234",
    "to": "+12025551234",
    "url": "",
    "checkFederalDnc": "true"

Reporting and Data Retention

We refreshed our account owner and reporting roles Dashboard. When you first log-in to the Ytel application you are greeted with the ability to see quick stats for the day on Calls, SMS communication, activity on your top 5 web phone users and a list of web phone users with their presence activity.


When you click into the sms or calls dashboard or navigate to the communications reports in the reporting section you can dig even deeper into your communication data. Based on day, week or monthly aggregates you can see your call activity including stats and average length of calls. You can also dig into a call cost comparison report by phone number or global account data.


In accordance with the Ytel data policy we have restricted all start days on the following APIs to a historical 13 months

  • Audit log endpoints
  • SMS log endpoints
  • Call log endpoints
  • Billing history endpoints
  • Usage summary endpoints
  • Contact campaign history

For customer looking to download data past 13 months we have an available API until the data retention policy takes effect. Please reach out to our support team if you have questions and reference the Export Log API.

SMS and Calls

Campaign Registry APIs were updated in accordance with The Campaign Registry required updates.

Effective February 1, 2023, Ytel will began rating all calls at 30/30 increments.

Contact Center

Modified the Data Uploader to only allow contacts with 10 digit US-based phone numbers
Increase scheduled recurring job to be able to be sent to two emails.
Started our rolling updates to all Contact Center systems (Expected completion in March 2023)