The element provides for creating complex workflows similar to but the execution will return to previous execution block after being called.
###Element Attributes

The name/identifier that execution of InboundXML. The name/identifier set here is the location that InboundXML will execute.
This element is similar to except that execution returns back to original position after executing. The hangup attribute is not applicable here.
Valid value: a string value


The can contain nested elements but must be placed inside the default element.

   <Gosub label="FirstBlock"></Gosub>
    <Block label="FirstBlock">
      <Say>This is spoken first.</Say>
      <Gosub label="SayThis"></Gosub>
      <Say>This is spoken after the Gosub element.</Say>

    <Gosub label="SayThis"></Gosub>

    <!-- other tags hidden for brevity -->

    <Block label="SayThis">
      <Say>Press 1 for billing. Press 2 for customer service. Press 3 for communication options.</Say>

    <Say>This statement will never be spoken.</Say>

, and Example

The following code sample contains all three elements to demonstrate how they can be put together.

  <Goto label="M360Test_1"></Goto>

  <Say>This text will never execute.</Say>

  <Block label="M360Test_1">
    <Say>Hello. This is First block.</Say>
     <Gosub label="M360Test_2"/>

  <Block label="M360Test_2">
    <Say>Hello. This is Second block.</Say>
    <Gosub label="M360Test_3"/>
    <Say>This is spoken after gosub.</Say>

  <Goto label="M360Test_2"></Goto>

  <Block label="M360Test_3">
    <Say>Hello. This is Third block.</Say>

  <Say>This text will never execute.</Say>