Once you purchase a number you will need to set it up. This is where managing numbers come into play.

  1. Port and Verify: You can Port in numbers you already own and we can SMS and Voice enable them. You also have the ability to verify your number and use it to make outbound calls with our system.
  2. Filtering: Filter your already purchased numbers by number capabilities or number set assignment.

Number Configuration

Click a number will open its configuration page. Both the voice and SMS portions of a number each have their own configuration, but they are very similar in usage.

  1. Number Name: This is the human-readable name of the number and how you would see it across the Ytel platform.
  2. Voice Request URL: When a call comes in we request a URL that contains Voice InboundXML . The URL placed here is the URL that should contain this XML so we understand how you want the call processed. For SMS messages we will post the SMS information to the URL you specify.
  3. Voice Fallback URL: This is a failover version of the previous URL in case the first one fails.
  4. Hangup Callback URL: When an inbound call hangs up, we will post over relevant call information to that URL.
  5. Heartbeat URL: We will post to this URL every 60 seconds to let you know the status of the call.

What’s Next