What is a sub Account and how to Create one

Sub accounts are a division within a Ytel Account that provides an ideal way to separate your phone numbers, usage and other settings for a specific end customer. Our users who commonly make use of sub accounts are mostly resellers of our product who have different customers of their own and want to keep their different customers data separate.

Sub accounts have their own resources, but share the balance of the Main or "Parent" Account. Trail accounts are unable to create sub accounts and must be upgraded. There are no restrictions on the amount of you can have.

Sub accounts can be created and accessed through Ytel's Portal, but can also be managed via API.

Sub accounts

Who is it for?

All Ytel Customers

Why should you use it?

Separate usage from your customers, while keeping only 1 billing account

How is it billed?

Sub accounts are owned by a single account and shared a single balance

Where is it Managed?

Ytel Portal or using the API

How Many can I have?

Unlimited (Upgraded Account)

Creating Sub Accounts

Let's start this guide with the basics. There are 2 account types with Ytel API.

You have the standard "Parent Account" which has access to all of our Ytel API features, and then you have the other type "Sub Account".  Sub accounts function the same as a Parent account except Sub accounts pay for their API usage directly from the Parent account Funds Balance.  Conversely, because of this, they do not have access to add funds. As well, Sub accounts do not have access to usage reports for the parent account or any of its sub account siblings.

What is this good for? Well, a Parent/Sub account structure allows you as the Software or Service provider to allow for one Parent account to administrate multiple clients with one bill and insight into all the clients usage from a single management account.

Now, to create a Sub account you have 2 options.

Option 1 - Via our Create Sub account API

curl -X POST '<https://api.ytel.com/api/v3/user/createsubaccount>' -u '{AccountSid}:{AuthToken}'\
-d 'firstname={firstname}&lastname={lastname}&email={emailaddress}&password={password}&friendlyname={friendlyname}'\

The API will return you both the Accountsid and Authtoken for the newly created sub account

You can view full documentation for the API here at (https://docs.ytel.com/reference/)

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