Understanding SMS Transactions Per Second (TPS)

Ytel enforces Rate Limiting for SMS based on the type of SMS enabled Number that is being used.

There are 3 types of Numbers in this regard - Toll Free , Long Code, and Short Code.

The limitations outlined below are based on a per phone number basis. If you are looking to send out 2 Text messages per second, then you would need to purchase 2 Long Code phone numbers and send a text message per second using each phone number as a caller ID.

Number Type

Max Transactions

Long Code

1 per Second


20 per Second


100 per Second

What Happens if I send faster than the TPS listed above?

If you send faster than the prescribed TPS, Ytel will begin to build a queue. After the queue reaches 15 minutes in length your messages will begin to be rejected. At this point your API Requests will respond with -

ER-M360-SMS-240 Request ignored Your queue is already over the maximum allowed minutes of 15 minutes

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