The tracking applications can be enabled on any Ytel account. To request this feature, contact Customer Service through live chat or phone call and request to have the feature enabled.

Through the Tracking application you can route inbound calls and sms to a variety of sources.

Once tracking is enabled on your account you will want to enable your API numbers that you want to track.


Click Enable Tracking for any of the numbers you want to use Tracking for routing. When you click Enable Tracking you number will be placed into a new number set call Ytel Tracking. The number set will have the following URLs auto populated to be able to use Tracking.

Voice request URL

Hangup callback URL

SMS request URL

If you would like to use your preexisting number set, you will need to manually copy these urls over to that set.

Once a number is enabled to Tracking, navigate to the Active Tracking Numbers tab. Here you will see a list of all of your enabled numbers and a summary of routing actions on those numbers.


For the above example we can see that the number is associated to a report campaign called Wedding. The source of the calls and tests are from a wedding RSVP list. We tagged all routing with the phase of wedding for reporting. The call route is playing a wedding message when people call in. All sms is routing to the brides cell. There is also an auto responder for all contacts that text in.

Click into the number on the Active Tracking Numbers tab and a new window with routing options will appear.

There are sections on the routing page:

  • Analytics

  • Call Routing

  • SMS Routing


Analytics is use for reporting on your calls and SMS for tracking.

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