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Handling an inbound call requires an endpoint to be set up on your side to handle a URL POST or GET that Ytel sends information to every time a call is made to your API number. InboundXML must be the response to our webhook request to that endpoint.

Number Configuration

Every number purchased is pre-configured to receive and handle an inbound call and play a default message. Ytel populates the Voice Request URL with a default url that plays a welcome message. Replacing this url can be done under the number management menu clicking the edit button.


Adding a Voice Request URL

The Data Ytel Sends

The Voice Request URL collects information about the inbound call and sends the information to your specified endpoint. The data below contains all the information sent to that URL via POST or GET depending on your configred settings:

From: +19492223333
zipcode: 92604
carrier: T-Mobile USA Inc
To: +13026661111
AccountSid: 456c6f7f-c911-f823-fb2d-a13e4780c122
city: Irvine
CallSid: c770956-bd29-410c-a7b7-2e1af8c69123
wireless: True
Key Type Description
From string E164 formatted phone number of the inbound caller. The "Caller ID".
zipcode string 5 digit zip code of the customer based on the NPA-NXX.
carrier string The registered carrier for the "From" phone number.
To string E164 formatted phone number of the number being called. The "Ytel" number.
AccountSid string The account sid of the "To" number owner.
city string The registered city of the customer based on the NPA-NXX.
CallSid string The unique UUID of this specific call. It can be used for future reference.
wireless string Returns whether the "From" number is a registered wireless number or not.

How You Should Respond

Once the Voice Request URL sends over the data and it is consumed a response is required to continue. A typical scenario is parse out the various pieces of information, use that date to look up items in a database and then forward on the call to an external phone number. This will require use of the tag. We will focus on that tag for this example. Other tags that can be used in InboundXML can be found in our InboundXML Documentation.

Sample Response (More Information on the tag):

    <Dial timeout="60" callerId="+14012001234">+19496826543</Dial>

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