Porting Numbers to Ytel

Before starting the porting process it is important to first understand the differences between porting a local number vs. a toll free number. Although the porting process of a Landline number vs. a toll free number are similar, they each have their own phases in which the providers coordinate the transfer of your numbers, which in turn will affect the time involved for the porting process to be completed.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free porting requires two phases. First, a number is “released” from the "losing" carrier to the "winning" carrier. Then the the "winning" carrier finishes the final process of re-routing the number with their peering carriers.

After the number is “released” by the "losing" carrier, it is standard industry practice for the "losing" carrier to continue service on the number until the "winning" carrier finishes the process of porting the number and setting of the new routes with our peering carriers.

It is important to remember that Ytel cannot start the re-routing of your toll free number until the number is released by the "losing" carrier and the number is now part of Ytel's RespOrg. We will immediately start the routing process once the toll free number is part of Ytel's network which can take several days.

Local Number

Local number porting requests are submitted directly to one of our peering carriers. Once the Letter of Authorization (LOA) has been approved by the "losing" carrier, Ytel we will receive a "Firm Order Confirmation" (FOC) date and time of when the number will be ported over to Ytel's network. Once that data and time occurs, all traffic will immediately be routed through Ytel's network.

We will typically add your phone number BEFORE the porting and/or re-routing is complete. It is important that you have your Voice URL and/or Messaging URL set up (if porting to your API account) or your call routing setup in your Contact Center system prior to the completion date.

This ensures there is no downtime once the port is complete.

When your number has finished configuring, we’ll provide you with a completion date for your port request. You’ll want to make sure to have your Voice and/or Messaging URLs set up well in advance of the final port date so you can ensure the number will be working when the porting process completes.

Normally, the process of porting a number takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks, though this process can take longer if your current carrier initially rejects the port request and requires additional information.

Required Information

In order to port your number, we'll need the following information of the authorized user or owner of the number.

  • The authorized user's first and last name.
  • A list of the number(s) you want to port.
  • The corresponding service address. This must be an actual physical address and PO Boxes are not valid addresses.
  • A scanned (or electronic) copy of the most recent phone bill (within the last 30 days) that includes the account, owner/authorized user name, and address information for all the numbers you'd like to port.

To ensure that your port request processes as smoothly as possible, you will need to make sure all the information provided matches the service information on file with the current carrier. If the information you provide to us does not match the current carrier's records, your port request will be rejected, which will delay the port request until the information you provide matches the information the carrier has on file.

Once you have the information, contact our support department and we can further assist you in the process of completing the porting request.



if you contact your current carrier's customer support team, they may provide you with billing information for your number, which is not the information needed to port your number.

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