Call Forwarding using InboundXML

In this Guide we are going to be using our InboundXL to forward any incoming calls that are made to a Ytel Phone number to a none Ytel Phone number. Ytel provides the ability to host your XML within the Dashboard under the Assets drop down menu, which is what we will be using in the following guide to host our XML file.


    An API Account
 A Ytel API Phone Number (See: Buy a Number to learn how to purchase a number)

How to:

  1.  Login to your API Account
  2. Click on "Assets" and select "XML Editor"
  1. Click "Create Document"
  1. Write your InboundXML using the tag (Click here for more details.). We will be using a very simple XML that will forward any calls to the same phone number each time.

6. Click "Create Document"
7. Copy the URL provided in this screen ( this will be the XML files hosted location)


8. Now that you have your InboundXML URL. Navigate to Numbers -> Manage Numbers section on the Dashboard.
9. Find your API number which will have the calls forwarded from and click on the number to open up the "edit" section.


10. Paste your InboundXML URL as the "Voice Request URL" and set your method to "GET".


11. Click "Update" 
13. Test it out by calling the Ytel Phone number.

If it is not working, take a look at the Call Logs to help diagnose any problems you may encounter or reach out to Ytel Support at 800.382.4913 for additional help.

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