Buying a Phone Number

This guide will serve as instructions for how you can purchase and provision your very first phone number or a new group of numbers in the Ytel API.

There are several ways to purchase a number on your account, Ytel provides both a Web interface and API's to you for this purpose. 

First, we will cover the Web Interface portion.
Steps are as follows, 

  1. Login @
  2. Navigate to the 'Numbers' tab
  3. Select 'Buy Numbers' from the dropdown
  4. Filter/Search for your desired Area-code/State
  5. Click 'Buy' for the desired number ( you can also multi select and purchase more than one at a time)

If you receive a 'Success' message then congratulations! You have purchased your first API number.

Next, we will cover Purchasing via a couple of different API's. 

First is the Buying a Phone Number using our API

To fully utilize the 'Buy Number' API in a programmatic fashion you will first need to run and digest the output of another of our API's. That API is 'View Available Number' Full documentation at 

When you run a View Available number API it will return a list of numbers along with some other additional information, You will want to parse 'Phonenumber: {phonenumber}' from the response and feed into your 'Buy Number' API request.
Additionally, there is another way to buy numbers. That way is by using our 'Bulk Buy Number' API. ( full documentation found at

Simply, you specify the area code and quantity of numbers while specifying leftover=true if you intend to buy 'as much as possible' up to your specified quantity. If Leftover=false then we will error the request if the available numbers do not match the requested amount.

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